Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Joomla or Wordpress

Doing some web site revamp recently, and amazed by the easiness and friendless of making website and there are so many nice templates you could choose, too many choice.

Looks Word press is very popular and I did get one for one of my clients, and will make it ready for themselves to update the content. For Joomla, was working with it before, and seems more complicated and powerful than Word press.

For my next project, I would like to choose Joomla if I could get the template I like. Now start to clean our hosting site stuff, so many blog/forum when I was testing. I would like to have one good forum package well support multiple languages such as English and Chinese.

Over all, here is a nice way to decide if you have difficult to choose which one:
(picture from http://www.sitepoint.com/ and thanks!)

Just now working on 2 templates, one is WordPress, one is Joomla, WordPress is OK to apply the dump.sql, but Joomla is a pain when dealing with different version. If I have time, I will definitely create my own template instead of buying. The version compatibility of Joomla is sure a pain.

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