Monday, April 19, 2021

Linked to NetEase Email Account

I have been having a NetEase free email account ( for long time and mainly use for subscription registration (less important than Hotmail/Gmail:) and usually link the account with Microsoft Windows default Inbox.

Then suddenly not working and complaining about the password not correct and I tried quite time and failed. After search on line and found the problem so I would like to share it. (Long Live Internet Search!)

Basically the problem is that the password is not the pass loign to NetEase email account and it's the one you generate form NetEase account.

1. login to NetEase account and Setting -> POP3/SMTP/IMAP

2. Make sure the receiving/sending servie is open


3. Go to 授权密码管理, and get the passcode and use this code fro your Inbox setup

4. Go to Windows Inbox Accounts -> Add account 

Using the bottom two options: Other account POP, IMAP or Advance setup

It's easy just to use Other account POP, IMAP, click it and enter the information

Pleave your question if you have:))

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