Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Drupal - Rotating Banners

Playing website is my hobby since year 2000 when we set up an IT company. It's interesting to try to stay current while my daily job is mainly database stuff:). So I keep revamping my website from WordPress, Joomla, now Drupal, just to learning some new stuff.

Imaging 2000 until now, how the technology changed. It only takes 10 minutes to have a good, professional looking website and so many free themes you could choose. I had some popular Drupal themes, but I had problem to make the rotating banners working....

Documentation! Documentation! I had to be patient to read carefully on the documentation. Sometimes I was just lazy to read :(((. I missed whole bunch modules and now I would like to share those steps from Drupal site(

"Rotating Banners requires two other modules and a pair of scripts to function.
The dependent modules are Media,, and Styles,
The two server scripts are jquery.cycle.all.min.js and jquery.easing.1.3.js.
The first script can be downloaded here:
Once you download it, rename it to jquery.cycle.js.
The second can be downloaded here:
Once you download it, rename it to jquery.easing.js.
Install rotating Banners through the Administration/Modules page.
Then copy both scripts to the following directory: …/sites/all/modules/rotating_banner/includes/.
This will create an interface in the Admin/Structure/Blocks menu."

Basically we need media, style, and 2 jQuery scripts, and media needs Ctools module! I totally missed Requirement section! I am thinking I am close to retirement:(

The weird thing I found after installing Rotating Banners/Ctools, some modules got unchecked such as Toolbar, Locale etc., so I had to enable them again.

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