Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How are you, Air Canada?!

About 20 years ago, my 1st flight with Air Canada, I still remember that's Dec 8, a very cold winter day, ground covered with all snow. I arrived in Edmonton, but I lost one of my bag with bottles of expensive Chinese Mao Tai if you know some liquor from China:). That time my spoken English and listening are so limited, but I had to communicate with Air Canada to get my bag back. After a few weeks my bag was dragged to my apartment and finally I got it back even though the Mao Tai was opened, I guess it was checked by some officer:(

1996 I went to my home town through Shanghai with Air Canada, my home town is about 6 hours bus from Shanghai at that time without highway yet. Again I lost one new luggage, which I just bought for this trip. I left my home town contact information and went home; a few days later my new luggage came dirty on crowded bus, mot much complained, I felt fortune to get it back in just a few days.

2005 I visited China with whole family by Air Canada and again we missed one luggage on the way back to Canada! After a few month registering case on Air Canada website and talking to agents, I almost had no hope to get my luggage back (only compensation by Air Canada is $100!). Well, it was finally located and sent it back to me. When I opened my out-of-shape luggage, most gift/stuff was squeezed. Well, what can I say, it came back after a few month travelling around world, I wish I could did this free travelling!

Until now such losing luggage experience gave me a big stress every time I travel with checked luggage, I was so worried and always triple check to make sure I keep those luggage receipts in case any luggage gets lost. Recently I travel to China a lot to visit my parents and I believe Air Canada improved the process about the checked luggage, but unfortunately I encounter some new headache about cancelled and delayed air flights.

This Summer (2013) we booked tickets with Air Canada and we were stuck at Vancouver! That evening all passenger were on board and airplane is driving out and ready to take off, after 30 minutes waiting Captain told us there were some air-conditioning issue to fix before taking off. So we were patiently waiting and then were told that airplane had to go back for checking, shortly after reaching the dock we were notified to get off and wait inside. Soon it announced that the flight cancelled.

What a chaos and we had some miscommunication and finally whole family ran to some hotel outside airport in the Vancouver city at 2am in the morning and had to get back airport for re-check-in for another airplane departing at next day 9am. A lot of passenger were mad, especially those with connection flights, one of lady was so upset and ask all of us refuse to aboard, but nobody listened to her, since everyone was so tired and wanted to leave as soon as we could and got over with this. I was pretty sad to see that lady was screaming and kicking the coupon paper which Air Canada offers for this chaos, it's 15% off next purchase, come on, I don't think that lady will take Air Canada again:(

We were glad to take off next day and arrived safely in Beijing even it's was 12 hours delay, I have sympathy for those who missed next connecting flight, train or bus. When coming back the flight was delay again! We were late at Vancouver, and could not catch the booked flight to Edmonton. This time we were experienced with no panic and we were staying in the Fairmount hotel inside Vancouver airport, not bad, my daughters were excited to stay this nice hotel for a few hours.

That's my stories with Air Canada, I just want to say Air Canada, how are you doing? I wish you getting better and I heard news doing well. Do I ride with Air Canada again?

Yes, I think so, there are many reasons, just to speak a couple :))
1. I am a Canadian, hohoho
2. I just know a high school classmate, working at Air Canada Montreal office, Mr Yu, hahaha

Do I choose Air Canada if there is other option? I don't know honestly....

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